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Your mining rig starts immediately after confirmed payment. Bitcoins are paid directly to your MiningBTC balance in real time.

No Any Fees And Cashback

We do not charge any fees from members including mining and withdrawal fees. In addition, you will be refunded your investment when the contract expires.

Win more free Bitcoin in game

Just find your symbols and earn more bitcoins. The reward up to 0.01 BTC for the luckiest members.


The 5-level affiliate commission system 7%-4%-2%-1%-1%. It helps you to increase your passive income many times over.

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Our Investment Plans

Our service makes mining Bitcoin accessible to everyone. No longer it is required to buy expensive equipment and waste your time on setting it up. Simply select the desired power and generate revenue!

MiningBTC - price plans
  • 2.5 %/day
  • 0.00005 BTC per day
  • + 10 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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MiningBTC - price plans
  • 3 %/day
  • 0.00045 BTC per day
  • + 20 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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MiningBTC - price plans
  • 3.3 %/day
  • 0.00165 BTC per day
  • + 50 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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MiningBTC - price plans
  • 4 %/day
  • 0.008 BTC per day
  • + 75 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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Increase your income from other mining clouds.

Referral Affiliate commission Program includes 5 levels 7%-4%-2%-1%-1%. You do not need any investment or active deposit in your account. All You need only to do is share your referral link with friends or in social media which is available in your account and earn your extra bitcoins.

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Latest Proof Of Payment

This table shows real-time payouts to our customers. Join to successful people who earned money on the top of nowadays technology!

22 mins 0.00128861 3GChiQtXbors8WyMNJzv... Standard ba511a63dd393df76e2d...
3 hours 0.00150523 18XCEu9A2jPat1Ki6Wx7... Basic e07586e871b0df4423ff...
5 hours 0.00167479 3NR5QP3AMZ8Q1NMAdxTZ... Basic 0704172fd4eab7d22527...
5 hours 0.00150000 1cAGLwZGXQX9iZ3FvGkj... Standard ecf9d47e1c6c1cb96bb3...
5 hours 0.00207753 1H67RwhP8cEVhu8G7PwY... Starter 5ce10f6ce40164213ebc...
7 hours 0.00175867 3Ac2Crb7suk22tmweHt4... Basic 9984df512496707f0ed6...
8 hours 0.00133060 3CYzABt6nnqSY1vCiNTx... Standard 1b8c1c8b3c16693103fe...
11 hours 0.00106720 1FpDeXH5GRS3WkYVHVXw... Enterprise 36cfa8592d84303558d8...
13 hours 0.00244215 3CY45sNckxoKn9zYis3j... Starter 9d1e60b5dd1d7572b34f...
13 hours 0.00166190 3Entv9Sy2ioYr7bzEBmZ... Enterprise 4f0e85b0ee1f23e952d1...
14 hours 0.00159830 3LZoK38rY5EcsK6PTyWG... Enterprise d256cc85e4fd461d97bf...
14 hours 0.00173551 1CSfxkmWwkxtKzLyhMKN... Starter ef1ebc9dc86783605522...
18 hours 0.00104445 1DSw1txzshE8ycCbFgjU... Starter 92531f57f371cd9fe9f8...
18 hours 0.00149931 1J8eGFa1idoyRL8JEBA8... Standard 476ab1bafbd4e903901b...
18 hours 0.00224681 13oU1mwpSVLkJaTcVXA1... Enterprise 933a8892737f3675d02f...
19 hours 0.00181801 1chYWmtBzUJAQS8UmEcN... Basic 1d6328cccd2833f23b00...
19 hours 0.00207692 1P63nyUyAwFQC5Hcw1yC... Starter ab27b21933fc1ef3560d...
20 hours 0.00123489 17RXjsBPn3y7m5nH4Tie... Basic 1d6920b5465708ec9882...
23 hours 0.00182187 1H2yNFTfrSTKByMz7GTw... Standard 111b7db3e8b531db4310...
1 day 0.00209271 3FiRMCndP2rn7MrytsQp... Free e8e6fb358f2794706ff2...
1 day 0.00115563 3EzwfekVFtHWWQHGaRbE... Standard fc744d1c4dc0f450fbfa...
1 day 0.00139100 18AF8h1SZApWohQbHXwY... Standard cac056bbc61751cb53e8...
1 day 0.00160724 3DVVgTppokk9Kc63TPZK... Starter 59d082463a6c36877317...
1 day 0.00103515 13tYYhj3qrcmwHx3nf3a... Standard 65c5fb73dadbb7d9bffe...
1 day 0.00116542 3CsS7NMth3HDZUfFW1Qh... Starter 8756a5c4a3716fa7cc9c...
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About MiningBTC

MiningBTC offers bitcoin mining without having to buy any equipment. We ensure the stable and effective mining to all miners to quickly made us become one of the world‘s leading bitcoin cloud mining services.

As a MiningBTC customer, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access to the world-class data centers and network boasting more than 200 PH/s.
  • No any fees.
  • Automatic deposit of mined coins to your balance.

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