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Your mining rig starts immediately after confirmed payment. Bitcoins are paid directly to your MiningBTC balance in real time.

No Any Fees And Cashback

We do not charge any fees from members including mining and withdrawal fees. In addition, you will be refunded your investment when the contract expires.

Win more free Bitcoin in game

Just find your symbols and earn more bitcoins. The reward up to 0.01 BTC for the luckiest members.


The 5-level affiliate commission system 7%-4%-2%-1%-1%. It helps you to increase your passive income many times over.

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Our Investment Plans

Our service makes mining Bitcoin accessible to everyone. No longer it is required to buy expensive equipment and waste your time on setting it up. Simply select the desired power and generate revenue!

MiningBTC - price plans
  • 2.5 %/day
  • 0.00005 BTC per day
  • + 10 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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MiningBTC - price plans
  • 3 %/day
  • 0.00045 BTC per day
  • + 20 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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MiningBTC - price plans
  • 3.3 %/day
  • 0.00165 BTC per day
  • + 50 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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MiningBTC - price plans
  • 4 %/day
  • 0.008 BTC per day
  • + 75 Spins
  • Contract Period 180 days
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Increase your income from other mining clouds.

Referral Affiliate commission Program includes 5 levels 7%-4%-2%-1%-1%. You do not need any investment or active deposit in your account. All You need only to do is share your referral link with friends or in social media which is available in your account and earn your extra bitcoins.

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Latest Proof Of Payment

This table shows real-time payouts to our customers. Join to successful people who earned money on the top of nowadays technology!

11 mins 0.00165000 3PcBHymiFPRDW3BvMsZY... Starter 3f79dd60b2c7aaa6529f...
33 mins 0.00145947 15uq2aznSk6XiWDSKegp... Starter 61d1b367ae9bdb055c60...
47 mins 0.00144856 3B631rTPhsQHsRxYqsFd... Standard 40bbebabd506fac9ad66...
2 hours 0.00121719 3LWqhDEc14hMvcsncVVz... Enterprise 55a6874f57b8734d01d6...
3 hours 0.00101154 1HDWAto9mD4vwZkxE7RZ... Starter 70de1f36531f8b148892...
3 hours 0.00125669 3LWZVTYswcpnFMQms79A... Enterprise 6b2a5f4f3c20096aa164...
4 hours 0.00109859 383qmgSYAGg3sTjCA4pB... Starter 7d7de54b2b92f7284ba7...
6 hours 0.00103191 3BS8s8mTRS2Qaqof4z6b... Starter b4c64e5da1d794e58bd0...
8 hours 0.00173962 3BXR7tR6AdGKNQcfBZPd... Standard 5167f136e50d370ec985...
8 hours 0.00200000 1eEzWeDfJQ7m8FKQUSKX... Starter e66f71cc21f2cb72a3f3...
9 hours 0.00148100 3JZbZWCA3zvuovP1yLRC... Starter 08d9524dae2c3240531c...
11 hours 0.00234376 3CRsTcGW9YVN7rzqcuQY... Enterprise 578ea6563e440e337a44...
12 hours 0.00192134 1BpT9KtnA5YVamrc3Arf... Standard cbd7959e0b8132c5693b...
13 hours 0.00186977 1HVKnoJSc4SSLZCJn9Sk... Basic 18ff97e772a15e8e57e5...
13 hours 0.00133767 3BKjxqF6iZGXWkABFCpU... Standard de1937ff3bfa7eb5d058...
16 hours 0.00194332 3A4x5kw9pi7ERoSU6dzE... Enterprise f7b2b9b7e9aba9dbd150...
16 hours 0.00230406 3QVJGM94kJ1XZehz8K5r... Basic caaca1f31ae8b6fbc669...
16 hours 0.00190000 3B42Csyuj8cQ14rh9JWu... Enterprise a080379663097d7c34a0...
19 hours 0.00146730 3DvcikxraqYd9MXkBnMT... Starter a90c81a9d68b73ec3e0d...
21 hours 0.00116022 1FzGFeZCw78Cy1fdwtxR... Enterprise d20c333c14fe48e498d5...
21 hours 0.00107498 18DAEkSRxoxG2fXBB96o... Basic 5c686c686cece153195a...
21 hours 0.00223826 3KBkPtQbVKozKYL2iLQR... Free ccaf1b3bc1adf63be7c2...
22 hours 0.00172616 3K9w6H3dDrCjGHZTPwvi... Standard 8d06ac1cf2aecec0a531...
23 hours 0.00151821 1Pe9Jaj4ZAJj4CeHZNJN... Starter 7036ac88dd5fbefa5c01...
1 day 0.00170403 1ARC591ToqdfesFMbDYm... Enterprise 39d14325c369f4ce729e...
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About MiningBTC

MiningBTC offers bitcoin mining without having to buy any equipment. We ensure the stable and effective mining to all miners to quickly made us become one of the world‘s leading bitcoin cloud mining services.

As a MiningBTC customer, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access to the world-class data centers and network boasting more than 200 PH/s.
  • No any fees.
  • Automatic deposit of mined coins to your balance.

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